Project #4: How long is now

Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.

Any advertisement in public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours, it belongs to you, its yours to take, rearrange and re use.

PDF Document

Graffiti application – owl

This app allows users to create doodles anytime, anywhere. Combined with augmented reality technology, graffiti is changed from flat to three-dimensional. I tried to apply most of the knowledge and technology to the project in the first semester.

User Research

PACT can better define the overall planning of the entire project.


I created two personas for different users. Personas can quickly identify the actual needs of users, accurately find the pain points of users, and quickly summarize the results of user research to simplify the design.


Define ideas and functions.

USP – User selling points

Augmented reality and virtual reality
With the development of technology, people’s requirements for experience are becoming higher and higher. Immersive experience design has become one of the mainstreams of contemporary design. Currently, virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology can be better Achieve user demands for immersive design.

Interactive video
I combine interactive videos with graffiti learning to enhance user interaction with the product. Users can use their mobile phones to paint, which simulates the use of graffiti spray paint cans, while allowing users to save paint costs and the problem of painting venues.

APP Name

Based on the fact that most graffiti creations are performed late at night, I think of night owls, and I think of owls. The owl is thought to be able to understand human feelings and language, it is intelligent, and its head is very flexible.


The name of the app is owl, so I designed the logo with reference to the owl image.


Paper Prototype

I made paper models to test the workflow and several features. During testing, I found some problems with the app. For example, search functions should be added to facilitate users to search for video tutorials, etc. Second, more pages should be added for interactive display, and AR painting should also be added to richer immersive experience designs. Finally, considering the diversity of graffiti styles, I added the function of selecting graffiti styles to facilitate users to filter.

Digital Prototype

User Testing

Video of Dynamic Effects

Interface Display

Project #3: Occasional Rain

“The value of wireframes is the way they integrate all three elements of the structure plane: interface design, through the arrangement and selection of interface elements; navigation design, through the identification and definition of core navigational systems; and information design, through the placement and prioritization of informational components."

Weather App

Use a comprehensive design approach, such as PACT, wireframes, Prototypes, user-testing, etc. to test design ideas.

User groups : Cyclists and motorbike riders.

Before designing for cyclists and motorbike riders, I did some data research on this group.


Based on user research and my own riding experience, I created Persona, an app that lets cyclists quickly learn about the upcoming severe weather and rough roads.

Structure & Sketch

Lo-Fi Prototype and User Testing

I made that low fidelity paper prototype to test the workflow and main functions. Based on the feedback from the tests, I found that the design of the real-time and convenience of the weather reminder was not very good, so I redesigned it.

Video of Paper Prototype Workflow


Project #2: Everyday People

For the purpose of this project, imagine that you have been commissioned by Winchester City Council to carry out user research. This is part of an investigation looking at understanding and enriching user experience in and around the city.

Design Methodology

  • 5C model – Create, Collect, Collaborate, Concepts, Comprehend.
  • Project 1 is about doing research of tourism in Winchester.

Design Goal

Teamwork : What’s wrong with the tourism industry in Winchester? How can we promote the rapid development of tourism in Winchester?

Research – Collect

After discussions with the other five members of the group, we believe that the tourism industry can be divided into six parts for research: history, bars, restaurants, hotels, transportation and markets. I am responsible for the investigation of the market.


International student – Wendy

She often visits Winchester’s seafood market, but some of the hot products will be sold out after class.

Tourist from other cities and countries – Peter

Peter, 44 years old, he frequented the Winchester street market, and very much like Winchester Christmas market, because at the Christmas market you can buy a lot of unique souvenirs.

Tourist from other cities and countries – Chris Apple

A is 34 years old. He is in Winchester for the first time, so he doesn’t know the street market. He visited the markets because he saw them by walking on the street, but he didn’t care much about the street fairs.

Research in other parts – Other interviewers


International student

  • Fixed class time every week and choose short trips during breaks.
  • The economic budget at the time of travel is not very rich, and transportation and accommodation will be preferred, priority is given to local restaurants and higher rated restaurants for shopping and dining.

Tourist from other cities and countries

  • Fixed working hours and choose short trips during breaks.
  • The economic budget during travel is very abundant, and the convenient transportation mode is preferred, the accommodation environment is preferred, and the local restaurants and shopping evaluations are given higher priority.
  • More inclined to relax and monumental attractions.
  • Priority for attractions that are educational and meaningful for children.


Foreign students are users, and tourists in other cities are sub-users. I compare these two groups to quickly and easily find the pain points of users in the two groups.

Empathy map & User experience map

Project #1: Conditional Design

A process is known to be more satisfying when it contains one (or more) of the following aspects: 1. play with human imperfection and physical challenge; 2. strategy and collaboration; and storytelling, within the drawing or triggered by the drawing.

Design Goal

Teamwork: How do we design in a user-centric way to better enhance the user experience?

Notes on 1 : Process

To better understand the condition design, in the classroom, we grouped 5-7 people into six groups for workshops. After following the rules, we conducted three different conditional design. After completing a conditional design, we were asked about the mixed feelings of each group.

The first result has excellent visual effects, and the rules are easy to understand. The second rule is not well understood and can only be accurately understood after further explanation by the teacher, so our group did not complete it well. The third game has a strong sense of participation, and the interaction is also the best of the three games. After listening to feedback from other groups, although the feelings are roughly the same, the final work is entirely different with different ideas.

NEW games of Our group

My own thought test
  • Game rules :
  • You rip off your favorite pages from a magazine.
  • Tear some collages from the selected magazine pages to paper.
  • when pasting, it needs to overlap or connect with the previous one, but it cannot completely cover the previous one.
  • Feeling :
  • Magazines are difficult to collect and some require higher costs.
  • May not choose a favourite magazine, leading to a loss of interest in games

Our group thought test

The group discussed four game modes for testing and finally selected the fourth one because the rules of the last one are relatively simple and easy to understand, and the game feels good.

Notes on 2 : Create

Our group integrated the rules of the game and got some feedback after having other groups in the classroom.

Other group game :

Compared with the rules of other groups, I think our game rules are not perfect. Therefore, I changed part of the rules of the game, and I added the rule to consider uniting or attacking someone in the game description. Improve the rules of the game through user feedback and the final effect of the game, which reflects the user-centric design philosophy.

Notes on 3 : Present

To document the entire conditional design process, I produced a booklet. Refer to the output style of the game of other groups, to increase the sense of play, I made triangles that can be filled on the cover and back cover. After the booklet is fully expanded, users can complete the games designed by our group on the cover and back cover. Uers can also invite friends to play together.

I wanted to compare the results produced by our group with those of other groups, so I made a stop-motion booklet.

Project #0: My Way

My Journey to WSA

After watching brief of project 0, I began to recall several important turning points in my life and also thought about how I developed into the current design style. I searched for my hobbies, my personality, and my design style, what affects me most, and my character has developed to the present strengths and weaknesses. So I recorded the background, thoughts and motivations on paper, and they gave me some inspiration.

Concept and ideas

I divided my experience into 2 phases and sorted out the included aspects. I have my hobbies in Taiyuan, my hometown, and have shaped part of my character. Then I went to Wuhan to start my college life. I first came across design in college and learned a lot about software. When I was in college and work, I did some portfolio, each of which represented something I came into contact with and my thoughts during a specified period, which also changed some of my character. After receiving the offer from the University of Southampton, I think this is another new starting point in my life, and it also makes me manifest what I need to learn in this year’s graduate career, so I want to use these experiences to describe my journey creatively.


I listed all the ideas and details in the sketchbook and determined that the steam wave is the style of my work. Vaporwave is characterized by high saturation, classical sculpture, lo-fi, fidelity failure, vintage elements, and psychedelic fluid gradient. I used high-saturation green, pink purple as the background colour and superimposed transparent reflective sugar paper to increase the richness of the picture. The whole part is connected in series with a thick line, and there is a work at each turning point of the line, which represents a turning point in my life. After going through these turning points, I finally reached WSA, so I asked myself: “Why am I here?”. Eventually, I named the outcome as Rachael’s world.

Final Outcome – Rachael’s world