Project #3: remix/reveal

A short film can be a powerful way to communicate complex ideas, it can persuade, educate and entertain. Films can also be effective in stimulating discussion and debate about social, cultural and ethical implications of speculative ideas and future technologies.

Main Topic : Ocean

After investigation, I found that marine debris is currently the most urgent problem to be solved. After investigation, I learned that marine debris has entered the human body with the food chain, and has already caused harm to the human body.


The data shows how much plastic waste produced worldwide and how much debris enters the ocean, and shows how plastic affects wildlife and human health. The information expected to accumulate 12 billion tons of plastic waste by 2050. The damage to marine life and humans is irreversible.

Determine film theme

I brainstormed the prototype of the movie and determined storytelling. I decided to use a mirror to tell the story, and at the same time, I chose the silent film method, which allows the audience to focus more on the content of the film.


After Crit

After the tutorial I received suggestions about video tones, subtitles and audio remixes.

Secondary Research & PACT

Through secondary research, I identified remix and film tone.

More clearly PACT and how might way.

People: humans.
Activities: reduce marine litter, reduce pollution.
Contexts: sustainable development, protect the ecological environment of the ocean, remind humans.
Technology: film.

HMW: How to better warn the dangers of human marine debris?
How to make the movie more meaningful while attracting the audience?
How can I design a movie to remind people that they need to act now to protect the ocean?

Refined storyboard

I try to refine the storyboard.

Tool production

I made some props that I need for shooting film.

Plastic fish poster

Film – Magic mirror

My main idea is the magic mirror. The mirror represents the future, and the mirror represents the present. Now eating fresh fish and drinking pure water, but if you do not solve the pollution of plastic garbage in the ocean, you can only eat plastic and plastic in the future. In the end, humans will be surrounded by trash. At the same time, there is a second meaning. What is in the mirror is the water that is eaten by the food and filled with plastic.

The orange and black of the picture are in sharp contrast, the background music adds the sound of the waves, and at the same time, the subtitles with rhetorical questions are used to ask the audience whether they want to eat fish or plastic, drink water or drink plastic, which causes the audience to think, and In the final subtitles, the audience is warned not to be entangled with plastic, reminding the audience of the current situation in which marine animals are surrounded by marine debris. It warns the audience that they should immediately stop destroying the marine environment and reduce marine debris.


In this project, I learned and understood Speculative Critical Design, and tried to apply Speculative Critical Design to my movie idea.

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