Project #2: Alt book

Books — novels, dictionaries, catalogues, instruction books, recipe books, travel guides, picture books, photo books, all need to communicate and to impart information.


Explore more possibilities of books through book interaction.

Visiting Exhibitions

The theme of my project is the ocean. After determining the theme of the project, the instructor took us to London to participate in a design exhibition called “Eco Visionaries”. Before leaving, I inspected this exhibition. Some of the design projects in the exhibition are related to the ocean. Therefore, I visited the exhibition with some questions about the ocean.

Research about Ocean

I researched the relevant information about the ocean. The ocean is the origin of living things, but as the range of human activities gradually expands, and the ecological environment is destroyed, the ocean problem becomes urgent. Since 1991, the sustainable development of ecology has been emphasized, but the execution is not enough. I think it is because there is no actual impact on everyone, leading humans to believe that the ecology has not been destroyed. Therefore, I have selected some problems that need to be solved by many issues.

Determine the topic

After investigation, I found that marine debris is currently the most urgent problem to be solved.

Impacts on the marine environment

The most visible and disturbing impacts of marine plastics are the ingestion, suffocation and entanglement of hundreds of marine species. Floating plastics also contribute to the spread of invasive marine organisms and bacteria, which disrupt ecosystems.

Impacts on food and health

Invisible plastic has been identified in tap water, beer, salt and are present in all samples collected in the world’s oceans. Several chemicals used in the production of plastic materials are known to be carcinogenic and to interfere with the body’s endocrine system, causing developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune disorders in both humans and wildlife.

Impacts on tourism

Plastic waste damages the aesthetic value of tourist destinations, leading to decreased tourism-related incomes and significant economic costs related to the cleaning and maintenance of the sites.

Book binding Workshop

Before the book binding design, tutors organized a binding and printmaking workshop. We learned how to make a handmade book and showed us many different types of handmade books.

I try to use a new way to design books while breaking through the limitations of books and familiar concepts so that readers can experience a new way of book interaction. And through novel styles, readers can better appreciate and understand it. I made a rough manuscript for me to continue to refine.

Alt – Book poster

Book display

Book material selection

First of all, I refer to the design of folding and missing pages, breaking the convention to design the book into a way that can read on both sides. To put down more pictures, I added a folding book bag for secure storage. As for the paper of the book, I chose four different styles to represent the increasing amount of marine debris. The first part is a plain white paper. In the second part, to show the increase in the amount of garbage, I chose a paper with gold leaf debris. In the third part, the amount of waste continued to increase, and I changed the article to yellow paper with garbage. In the forth part, I first added red paper as background to warn people that they need to act immediately to reduce marine debris and use translucent sulfuric acid paper to metaphorically describe the earth that will be surrounded by plastic garbage.

Visual display

Ocean book

Transparent data poster

Slide book


In this project, I learned how to design books as a new interactive medium, learned how to make books, and understood the importance of paper selection when making books.

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