DIEP – Alt Book

D – Describe objectively what you learned

Artist book is more like a readable art. In the digital reading environment, human beings need to supplement tactile, direct, textured, creative or interesting things, so the function of books is being transformed into works of art. This project is for book production. What is different from traditional book design is that the books produced by this project need to consider the way users interact with the books. This book is also called artist book (Hortensia, 2018). 

In the previous book design, I paid more attention to the content of the text. In the book binding workshop, we first designed some patterns and text graphics related to our theme create and combine again. After the poster was made, I selected a few new books to make a book about my theme. This is a new way to make books. This is the first time I think about how books interact with each other. I focus on visual effects.Through this workshop, I realized that better interaction methods could help books better convey design information and ideas, and useful book interaction and display methods can also increase user immersion. Interesting will also improve the user’s focus on the content of the book, and can better understand the content of the book.

I – Interpret the insight

An artist’s book can look healthy, appear as a scroll, or look like a newspaper or a magazine, or it can be a box filled with loose, unbound pages. There is no need to read them in the established order. Some artist books look even more weird, closer to sculpture. The content of the artist’s book is also varied and can be all text or only images. It can even have anything. It requires readers to open it, participate, and complete a performance event with the artist. This highly free and personal book-making experience is the difference between artist books and regular art books, exhibition catalogues and art albums (Stella, 2020).

First of all, the book is a unique medium for humans to obtain external information, and the value of the book itself lies in the fact that it is impossible to omit this step, whether it is the ancient books or the current electronic books. The choice of book material should also be related to the author’s fantasy and the content of the book. Commercially-selling books today place too much emphasis on economic factors, and most of them miss this critical point (Tian, 2017).

E – Evaluate what you have learned

The current difficulties, challenges, and opportunities of the traditional knowledge and cultural transmission represented by paper books reflect the profound changes of this era. This gives artists and designers a space to think and can create more depth and more Works of art that are conceptual, experimental, avant-garde and critical. At the same time, the diversity of reading media and terminals has enriched the creation of artist books, and new materials technology, printing technology and presentation technology have brought new opportunities and more possibilities to the creation of artist books.

When I made the book, I considered that my subject was marine debris. After researching it, I understood that marine debris is composed of a large amount of plastic. So the material of my books is more plastic and transparent, and I used a film-like way to show the old photos of marine life-related. I warned that if you continue to destroy the ocean, you can only use flat surfaces after the extinction of the organism—way to learn about biology.

P – Plan how this learning will be applied in practice

When making this project, I learned that traditional business books can no longer completely attract the attention of users. I want to further study how to better improve the way books interact with each other, and use this as a basis to enhance the interaction between books and users.

By making a selection of materials for this book, I will think more about the way of interaction and visual effects. I also used some innovative methods in book binding to enhance the user’s immersion. By mobilizing more senses, users can have a deeper experience, and user feedback can also enhance the fun of the work when interacting with the work.

As I work and do projects in the future, I will try more different styles and techniques to achieve my design. With the advancement of technology, e-books have become one of the necessary products that will become. How to combine artist books with e-books or virtual reality technology is the future research direction. I want to combine book design with virtual reality and augmented reality technology to obtain a better user experience.

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