The Future Mundane

1. The Future Mundane is filled with background talent.

The future world is still mainly about how to enjoy daily life quietly and enhance the practicality of the product, so for future design, it is more important to design products for ordinary people than to design products for heroes who save the world.

In science fiction movies there are spaceships, weird vehicles or weapons, but these are too far from daily life. The Red Dot Award eggbeater, hair dryer and other daily necessities are what users need.

2. The Future Mundane is an accretive space

It would be better to upgrade and recreate old designs than to imagine independent designs out of thin air. Combining the existing design with the new design can improve the user experience better, and also solve some of the problems of the existing design.

MUtable is an all-in-one play table for children ages one to eight years old. This table has made a breakthrough in the traditional design, making the height of the table adjustable, and adding the function of convenient storage of toys.

3. The Future Mundane is a bit broken.

There will be little or no future extreme darkness and light, and more of a broken space between them. Focusing on the more detailed parts of the design, constantly improving the user experience, and looking for better interaction methods are the future design directions.

Absolutely perfect design is difficult to achieve. In the design process, we need to consider the problems and corresponding solutions in advance. When designing, focusing on finding problems and solving problems, then the failure of the broken space is a beneficial motive for the future.

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