Marine debris


The theme of my second project is marine debris.

With the advancement of human science and technology and the development of technology, the amount of marine debris has been increasing, not only destroying the ecological environment, but also causing a large number of marine organisms to become extinct. Rather than continue to implement sustainable development, let humans stop the destruction of marine ecology in a timely manner, and find a way to solve the problem of marine debris is the primary task.

Project 2, I chose to present was a book. First of all, I made a slide-like book with marine life posted on it. These photos are from myself and my friends.

I have not bound the second book, for better presentation it contains 4 parts, which are the types of marine debris, the existing solutions, the extinct marine life and the ocean card. I made it with a plastic bag Texture effect. Finally, I printed out the 2016-2019 marine debris pollution area on transparent printable paper and made a comparison.

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