Eco Visionaries

This entire exhibition works explore how architecture, art, and design respond to the world we live in, the dramatic deterioration of the ecological environment and the extinction of species, but only a single discussion of sustainable development can no longer be saved, serious attention and urgent efforts Alerting humans may be one of the effective ways.

Rimini Protokoll’s works win> <win .. I am very shocked. The whole interactive device is very delicately designed. Through the author’s guidance, the audience can reflect on their behaviour and recognize their evil practices. Jellyfish repeat simple movements as the ocean currents drift, and global warming makes it easier for them to reproduce. Such pure species will even exist longer than humans. Human beings have been using the highest intelligence to destroy the ecology and the living environment. It is not as good as a jellyfish without a brain.

If the species is extinct to only humans, will virtual scenes and simulated animal behaviour completely replace real animals? What kind of thinking do alternatives bring to humans? Rather than focusing solely on virtual simulation scenes, protecting existing living things is more important. Species will become extinct, and humans will be. When the balance of the environment is broken, humans will be reduced to alternatives to another significance.

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