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Steve Mann

Steve Mann can be called the legendary leader of the wearables. As early as the 1970s, Mann began his “wearable computing” research. It wasn’t until 2012 that Google released the “Google Glasses” that wearable devices entered the public’s field of vision, and the public recognized the value of Mann’s research.

He has been using wearables to help improve his vision. With the development of technology, wearable devices can enhance human capabilities. At the same time, wearable devices have changed from awkward and bulky to light and smart, and have become more convenient to operate. Wearable intelligent devices can rely on the human body’s natural actions.

But wearable devices can have specific problems. First, the higher the amount of personal data that can be obtained, the higher the amount of private information therein, and the risk of personal privacy leakage increases significantly.
Secondly, wearable devices are expensive and have a short battery life. The battery life of an ordinary smartwatch is about 24 hours. If more functions are turned on, the power consumption will increase, so that users have to recharge twice a day to use frequently. Finally, many smartwatch functions require a mobile phone to be able to use them, and sometimes consumers may feel that they are superfluous.

Alberto Frigo

From 2004 to 2040, Alberto Frigo has been photographing everything he has touched with his right hand with a camera in his left hand.

He quantified his life. The quantified life provided a digital means to reflect and guide his life and provided data support for a productive life. The popularity of self-quantification benefits from the upgrade of mobile phone software and hardware and wearable devices and data tracking can be more accurate and meaningful. This can better understand yourself.

There are also some problems with the quantified self. First of all, data security has always been a concern of people. In many cases, this is a personal privacy issue. The problem of data security has also brought resistance to unified data sharing.

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