Emotional Design

Emotional design is just a creative tool to express and give play to the designer’s thoughts and design goals. With the development of the times, this creative tool will become increasingly sharp. The book “Emotional Design” reveals three levels of human nature from the perspective of perceptual psychology, visceral, behavioural and reflective. It puts forward the importance of emotions and emotions in decision-making in daily life.

Viscera design-shape.

The more visual design conforms to instinctual thinking, the more likely it is to make users like it.

Behavioural level design-fun and efficiency in use.

Effectively completing tasks and having fun operating experiences are issues that behavioural level design needs to address.

Design for reflection level-self-image, personal satisfaction, memory.

The level of reflection is affected by the environment, culture, identity, identity, etc., and will be more complicated. Only when an emotional bond is established between the product, and the user and the self-image, satisfaction, and memory are affected through interaction can the product’s cognition be formed, and the product becomes the representative or carrier of emotion.

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