Interaction Design

Interaction design focuses on “user scenarios” and “user psychology.” The design object is “user behavior,” and the goal achieved is “useable, easy to use, and want to use.” Experience, emotion, dialogue, and logic are the basics of interaction design. Good interaction design makes the user’s understanding of the interface and the behavior to get feedback in line with psychological expectations.

When shopping on the website, users can browse featured products, search for specific products, track order status, and more. Based on the accumulation in life and the hint of the icon, after the user confirms the interactive elements and information, the user can interact based on experience. However, for some users, when users do not know what they can or should not do, the possibility of interaction will decrease. Although they may interact randomly, they continue to find and try other products. So for conventional devices, overall tips and guidelines when new users log in are essential. Lookfantastic uses a large amount of text to explain the icon in order to avoid the ambiguity of the icon, which reduces the user’s burden. However, when filtering products, only the brand and product use part can be filtered. If the optional brand that the user wants to refer to account for Most of the time, the user’s choice time will increase, but if the interaction function that excludes brands is added, the user experience will be enhanced.

 Shopping websites often display information on the number of products in the filter that match the filter value. The website chooses to display different homepages based on the customer’s profile, and shoppers will be affected by suggestions. Some shoppers want to receive this information to help them choose faster and smarter. At the same time, the website will also perform corresponding big data analysis on users. In most cases, the unsatisfied customers are not complaining, but choose to leave. So big data customer relationship management is a vital link. Nevertheless, Lookfantastic does not analyze users’ big data. Although it will not affect users’ shopping choices, it will affect users’ shopping experience. When users are not sure what products they want to buy, appropriate big data analysis is for users. Recommending some products will help users choose.

Although the timely response of the app is the best, there are always times when the app cannot respond in time for speed. In this case, in order to reduce the user’s anxiety, the user must be made aware that the APP is running its request, and the real process is being processed. Therefore, the APP should provide feedback to the user so that the user knows what is happening in the app at the right time.

The infinite loop animation provides feedback that the system is busy, but does not provide any information about how long the user will wait. Conventionally, this type of progress indicator should be used for fast response (within 2-10 seconds). Allowing users to stare at the spinning wheel or infinite linear animation for a more extended period of time will increase the bounce rate of the website or cause people to close the app. Another type of progress indicator indicates how long (roughly or exactly) an operation will take. This type of progress indicator is called a deterministic model. They are the most informative indicator types when waiting for animation feedback, because they show the current progress, how much has been done now, and how much is left unfinished. A visual indicator of a process approaching completion makes users feel relaxed and makes them more willing to wait.

For a new interaction method, a simple button transformation may not accurately express the interaction method, so when the user interacts with the device, use a dynamic image to prompt how to touch, rotate, shake and interact with the mobile device. Micro-interaction animation, this intelligent micro-interaction animation enhances the characteristics of emotional elements. However, for infrequently used device interactions, the frequency and time of dynamic prompts should be redesigned after user research. Prevent users from becoming bored frequently when they are unfamiliar with the interaction mode and reduce the interaction behavior and prompts. The guide page is not an excellent way to interact because the user must read all the information patiently and try to remember to force the user to learn before using the app. A good interaction should guide the user to gestures before and after the operation.

One way to improve the user experience is to avoid painful memories for users but to let them naturally identify the features of the product. From a design perspective, recognition is better than recall, both in terms of interface and content. In order to allow the user to continue the previously interrupted operation, a historical browsing history or a search history may be provided. Search engines provide users with historical search history to help them find what they have searched for before.

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