Project #4: How long is now

Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.

Any advertisement in public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours, it belongs to you, its yours to take, rearrange and re use.

PDF Document

Graffiti application – owl

This app allows users to create doodles anytime, anywhere. Combined with augmented reality technology, graffiti is changed from flat to three-dimensional. I tried to apply most of the knowledge and technology to the project in the first semester.

User Research

PACT can better define the overall planning of the entire project.


I created two personas for different users. Personas can quickly identify the actual needs of users, accurately find the pain points of users, and quickly summarize the results of user research to simplify the design.


Define ideas and functions.

USP – User selling points

Augmented reality and virtual reality
With the development of technology, people’s requirements for experience are becoming higher and higher. Immersive experience design has become one of the mainstreams of contemporary design. Currently, virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology can be better Achieve user demands for immersive design.

Interactive video
I combine interactive videos with graffiti learning to enhance user interaction with the product. Users can use their mobile phones to paint, which simulates the use of graffiti spray paint cans, while allowing users to save paint costs and the problem of painting venues.

APP Name

Based on the fact that most graffiti creations are performed late at night, I think of night owls, and I think of owls. The owl is thought to be able to understand human feelings and language, it is intelligent, and its head is very flexible.


The name of the app is owl, so I designed the logo with reference to the owl image.


Paper Prototype

I made paper models to test the workflow and several features. During testing, I found some problems with the app. For example, search functions should be added to facilitate users to search for video tutorials, etc. Second, more pages should be added for interactive display, and AR painting should also be added to richer immersive experience designs. Finally, considering the diversity of graffiti styles, I added the function of selecting graffiti styles to facilitate users to filter.

Digital Prototype

User Testing

Video of Dynamic Effects

Interface Display

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