Project #3: Occasional Rain

“The value of wireframes is the way they integrate all three elements of the structure plane: interface design, through the arrangement and selection of interface elements; navigation design, through the identification and definition of core navigational systems; and information design, through the placement and prioritization of informational components."

Weather App

Use a comprehensive design approach, such as PACT, wireframes, Prototypes, user-testing, etc. to test design ideas.

User groups : Cyclists and motorbike riders.

Before designing for cyclists and motorbike riders, I did some data research on this group.


Based on user research and my own riding experience, I created Persona, an app that lets cyclists quickly learn about the upcoming severe weather and rough roads.

Structure & Sketch

Lo-Fi Prototype and User Testing

I made that low fidelity paper prototype to test the workflow and main functions. Based on the feedback from the tests, I found that the design of the real-time and convenience of the weather reminder was not very good, so I redesigned it.

Video of Paper Prototype Workflow


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