Project #2: Everyday People

For the purpose of this project, imagine that you have been commissioned by Winchester City Council to carry out user research. This is part of an investigation looking at understanding and enriching user experience in and around the city.

Design Methodology

  • 5C model – Create, Collect, Collaborate, Concepts, Comprehend.
  • Project 1 is about doing research of tourism in Winchester.

Design Goal

Teamwork : What’s wrong with the tourism industry in Winchester? How can we promote the rapid development of tourism in Winchester?

Research – Collect

After discussions with the other five members of the group, we believe that the tourism industry can be divided into six parts for research: history, bars, restaurants, hotels, transportation and markets. I am responsible for the investigation of the market.


International student – Wendy

She often visits Winchester’s seafood market, but some of the hot products will be sold out after class.

Tourist from other cities and countries – Peter

Peter, 44 years old, he frequented the Winchester street market, and very much like Winchester Christmas market, because at the Christmas market you can buy a lot of unique souvenirs.

Tourist from other cities and countries – Chris Apple

A is 34 years old. He is in Winchester for the first time, so he doesn’t know the street market. He visited the markets because he saw them by walking on the street, but he didn’t care much about the street fairs.

Research in other parts – Other interviewers


International student

  • Fixed class time every week and choose short trips during breaks.
  • The economic budget at the time of travel is not very rich, and transportation and accommodation will be preferred, priority is given to local restaurants and higher rated restaurants for shopping and dining.

Tourist from other cities and countries

  • Fixed working hours and choose short trips during breaks.
  • The economic budget during travel is very abundant, and the convenient transportation mode is preferred, the accommodation environment is preferred, and the local restaurants and shopping evaluations are given higher priority.
  • More inclined to relax and monumental attractions.
  • Priority for attractions that are educational and meaningful for children.


Foreign students are users, and tourists in other cities are sub-users. I compare these two groups to quickly and easily find the pain points of users in the two groups.

Empathy map & User experience map

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