Project #1: Conditional Design

A process is known to be more satisfying when it contains one (or more) of the following aspects: 1. play with human imperfection and physical challenge; 2. strategy and collaboration; and storytelling, within the drawing or triggered by the drawing.

Design Goal

Teamwork: How do we design in a user-centric way to better enhance the user experience?

Notes on 1 : Process

To better understand the condition design, in the classroom, we grouped 5-7 people into six groups for workshops. After following the rules, we conducted three different conditional design. After completing a conditional design, we were asked about the mixed feelings of each group.

The first result has excellent visual effects, and the rules are easy to understand. The second rule is not well understood and can only be accurately understood after further explanation by the teacher, so our group did not complete it well. The third game has a strong sense of participation, and the interaction is also the best of the three games. After listening to feedback from other groups, although the feelings are roughly the same, the final work is entirely different with different ideas.

NEW games of Our group

My own thought test
  • Game rules :
  • You rip off your favorite pages from a magazine.
  • Tear some collages from the selected magazine pages to paper.
  • when pasting, it needs to overlap or connect with the previous one, but it cannot completely cover the previous one.
  • Feeling :
  • Magazines are difficult to collect and some require higher costs.
  • May not choose a favourite magazine, leading to a loss of interest in games

Our group thought test

The group discussed four game modes for testing and finally selected the fourth one because the rules of the last one are relatively simple and easy to understand, and the game feels good.

Notes on 2 : Create

Our group integrated the rules of the game and got some feedback after having other groups in the classroom.

Other group game :

Compared with the rules of other groups, I think our game rules are not perfect. Therefore, I changed part of the rules of the game, and I added the rule to consider uniting or attacking someone in the game description. Improve the rules of the game through user feedback and the final effect of the game, which reflects the user-centric design philosophy.

Notes on 3 : Present

To document the entire conditional design process, I produced a booklet. Refer to the output style of the game of other groups, to increase the sense of play, I made triangles that can be filled on the cover and back cover. After the booklet is fully expanded, users can complete the games designed by our group on the cover and back cover. Uers can also invite friends to play together.

I wanted to compare the results produced by our group with those of other groups, so I made a stop-motion booklet.

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