Affordance is derived from psychology and has been widely used in interaction design and human-computer interaction design. The article will first explain its purpose. Secondly, after the user has used it, the user will notice other uses of the item, to achieve a person-thing-person interaction mode.

In today’s technologically advanced and rapidly changing society, we are facing many mobile devices, and the characteristics of the technology are affecting people’s choices. One of the mobile devices that has the most impact on users is the iPad.

The iPad subtly blends technologies — touch keyboard, camera function, video playback, file processing and sending, etc. In terms of size, the iPad is a portable device that is neither as heavy as a laptop computer nor as a mobile phone because it has a small screen that affects the viewing and reading experience, but is more like an interactive toy.

So for students, the iPad is a portable schoolbag. Due to the rise of e-books and the digitization of documents, traditional paper books and courseware have caused a certain degree of waste of resources and environmental pollution, while also placing a certain degree of burden on students. The iPad can store a large number of e-books and electronic courseware. At the same time, teachers can increase interaction with students through some iPad software. Many apps can take notes on the iPad, which adds many conveniences to classroom interaction.

The iPad’s drawing capabilities have also brought convenience to many designers. Freehand drawing requires a certain amount of time to train, and drawing on the iPad is more like drawing on paper, reducing adaptation time.

With the advancement of AR technology, iPad is also more widely used for museum and exhibition hall interaction. Visitors can interact with the exhibits through an immersive experience by scanning a QR code or other means. An immersive interaction will produce a more profound impression and experience than a flat or glass communication.

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