In project 2, our team conducted user research on Winchester’s tourism industry, looking for user pain points and improving user experience is our primary goal. In the initial planning, we divided into six parts for research, namely Winchester history, transportation, hotels, markets, restaurants and bars. We want to know what is mainly affecting Winchester’s tourism industry, so we used the questionnaire and field trips to fill in the questionnaire and engage in an in-depth dialogue with the tourists to quickly get closer and achieve the same reason. The heart helps to understand the tourists’ ideas better and deeply explore the user’s pain points. After the personal experience, we will have a deeper understanding and quickly analyze the user’s psychology through empathy.

First, I built a temporary user model. I conducted a questionnaire survey and interview with real tourists, which can define productive users more accurately and build user models based on data. The user model can quickly grasp the industry situation of the tourism industry, and also understand the deep motivation and psychology of the user.

After collecting and integrating the user questionnaire, I found two primary user groups, so I created two user models for reference. One is international students, and the other is Tourists from other cities and countries. Furthermore, let the two groups have a specific contrast. I mainly analyzed user pain points and Pleasure points. This will allow you to resolve the pain points in the next step of design while maximizing Pleasure points.

After making persona, considering the desire to show empathy and interview results better, I chose to make a User experience map. It clearly shows the traveller’s arrangement and planning of the itinerary, and profoundly explores the user’s ideas, combining The pain point improves the user experience through hidden images, and fundamentally solves the existing problems of Winchester tourism.

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