The Future of Design

The relationship between design and user

The development of modern design has shifted from the traditional upgrade technology and the visual transformation to pay more attention to the user experience.

However, the traditional craftsmanship also pinned the personal feelings of the products.

How to better balance the relationship between the two is the only way to improve the user experience design.

First of all, the essence of design is to serve people. Better connecting people with science and technology is the fundamental responsibility of design. However, for industrial design, simple handicrafts can no longer meet the demand, so human-computer interaction is born. , user experience design, and service design. These are based on the needs of users and the user’s experience, and the design is more people-oriented.

It can be seen that a certain degree of change is needed for design education. Better analysis of social issues and understanding of the complexity of the problem is a must-have ability of a designer. Therefore, the education of design is not only limited to aesthetics, but also requires interdisciplinary learning and training, understanding most majors, and applying knowledge to build and develop the world. Now, these three industries have developed more maturely, and the user’s needs have changed from the experience of only pursuing products to the personal feeling of retaining the product while ensuring high quality and a great experience.

Therefore, based on better-improving people’s quality of life, the people-oriented design is the primary design point of view. Based on this point of view, there will be three significant directions for design to satisfy users, starting from the perspective of experience, from the perspective of feelings, and the perspective of inclusion experience and feelings. All three directions are correct, and the only basis is to use design thinking better to do people-oriented design.

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