Project #0: My Way

My Journey to WSA

After watching brief of project 0, I began to recall several important turning points in my life and also thought about how I developed into the current design style. I searched for my hobbies, my personality, and my design style, what affects me most, and my character has developed to the present strengths and weaknesses. So I recorded the background, thoughts and motivations on paper, and they gave me some inspiration.

Concept and ideas

I divided my experience into 2 phases and sorted out the included aspects. I have my hobbies in Taiyuan, my hometown, and have shaped part of my character. Then I went to Wuhan to start my college life. I first came across design in college and learned a lot about software. When I was in college and work, I did some portfolio, each of which represented something I came into contact with and my thoughts during a specified period, which also changed some of my character. After receiving the offer from the University of Southampton, I think this is another new starting point in my life, and it also makes me manifest what I need to learn in this year’s graduate career, so I want to use these experiences to describe my journey creatively.


I listed all the ideas and details in the sketchbook and determined that the steam wave is the style of my work. Vaporwave is characterized by high saturation, classical sculpture, lo-fi, fidelity failure, vintage elements, and psychedelic fluid gradient. I used high-saturation green, pink purple as the background colour and superimposed transparent reflective sugar paper to increase the richness of the picture. The whole part is connected in series with a thick line, and there is a work at each turning point of the line, which represents a turning point in my life. After going through these turning points, I finally reached WSA, so I asked myself: “Why am I here?”. Eventually, I named the outcome as Rachael’s world.

Final Outcome – Rachael’s world

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